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    I am working in an organization as account manager, My organization sent people abroad on scholarships to for study. I have question regarding their proper data management. Let assume there are our 10 scholars in ECU Australia. Now university have sent the invoice for 10 people regarding their Tuition fee and stipend in Australian Dollar. Now the existing practice is that i parked this invoice in FV60 against the vendor of ECU Australia with total amount in AUD and further breakdown against 10 scholars according to the invoice in AUD at the bottom by mentioning scholars personal no. By default FV60 has save basic financial information as its lacks the columns payment duration and some other necessary information. Now the next step is that we we go on to the PA40 and input one by one all financial information of each scholar via PA 40. Afterward we print the debit advice and sent further to our finance division for payment.

    In short that we have to input 2 times the financial data, one in FV60 and other in detail in PA40 which is very time consuming. I just mention the 10 scholar , we have normally receives for 100 of scholars to one vendor. My question is is its possible that FV60 and PA40 can be linked so that we have to enter one time and 2nd is that is there is multi personal action is available in SAP so that instead of enter information one by one we can do it in one go


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    You can do enhancement in which the technical consultant will pick the details of parked invoice from table VBSEC and the personnel details of the respective parked invoice from table T001P with required fields.
    This will solve your problem.

    Ayush Bhardwaj

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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