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    Javid Aliyev

    Dear All,

    My business request is to show on Purchase Order issued from SAP the contract number and purchase requisition number. I use Assign and Process but it takes a lot of time to create new materials in SAP contract and it is troubled process. Also, I tried to use choosing Item Category as Material Unknown using short text but the Unit of Measure should be the same contract item number during referencing PR and Contract.

    Both of the variants are not comfortable and troubled. Could you please advice fastest and easiest way to link PR and Contract in PO?

    Cleo Isco

    Can you please clarify the steps of the business process and what SAP documents are created at which step?



    TO know the answer to your query please give me all the details of your business process, document process. By knowing the details of you only I can answer you the question.




    Need help to get answers of the following questions please:

    1) How to record overtime in positive time management?
    2) What do mean by the terms Status vector, Display depth, Period Function Module?
    3) Describe in brief giving examples how period of responsibility is determined for the general authorization check in a structural authorization check?
    4) What are PD profiles and SD profiles? What do they do?
    5) How do you valuate wage types? Where do you configure this in the IMG?
    6) What are module name and module variant?
    7) Briefly explain the two different ways to perform pay increase?
    8) What are the info type attributes?
    9) What are system controls?
    10) What is DYNPRO ? What are the main elements of a screen?
    11) What naming conventions are the info types subject to?
    12) Where are the info types relevant to retroactive accounting for payroll and time management defined?
    13) What are the significance of field triggers in retroactive accounting?
    14) What do you need to do in the IMG to specify certain info types for certain countries only?
    15) Where can you store a passport photo of an employee? Where do you do the settings in the IMG?
    16) What is TCLAS = A and TCLAS = B?
    17) Where can you change the attributes of individual screens?
    18) What are infotype menus or info menus? Are they user group dependable?
    19) What setting do i need to make for a SAP user to see that he has the relevant infotype menus?
    20) Where do I assign the IG (infogroup) to the personnel action type? Are infogroups user group dependable?
    21) What is IGMOD?
    22) For a country reassignment action what setting do i need to do in the IMG?
    23) What are additional actions? What are the ways in which i can activate additional actions for an employee?
    24) Where are additional actions stored? Can we see the infotype record where additional actions are stored directly?
    25) What is the significance of status indicator in personnel actions?
    26) What are MSN20, MSN21 and MSN32 in relation to personnel actions?
    27) Where do you define the action reason in the IMG?
    28) What is user group dependency of the action menu?
    29) With a leaving action what is the employment status changed to?
    30) What are dynamic actions? What can they trigger?
    31) What is PAMA? What is M0001?
    32) What are general authorizations?
    33) What are structural authorizations?
    34) How are authorizations defined? An authorization object can define maximum 15 fields that occur in an authorization? True or False?
    35) What is an authorization profile? How are users authorizations determined?
    36) What is a role? How the access to transactions, reports and web based applications included in a role defined?
    37) Roles can be found under generic name SAP_HR*? True or False?

    Thanks & Regards,

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