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    Anju Seth

    Hi All

    Can anybody share best practice of sale return in SD .
    After return delivery , Credit memo request should be created at which stage ? with reference to which document?

    SAP User



    1)Create an order, delivery, and Invoice
    2)Create a Return order with respect to above-created order and give ORDER REASON in the Return order.
    3)Do PGR and for this, no billing documents are going to be generated.
    4)Create a Credit Memo Request w.r.t the Sales order and give order reason and saving it, Credit Memo Request gets generated.
    5)Create a Credit Memo for created Credit Memo Request.
    after that Create Credit memo with reference to Returns Order.
    You can create a Credit memo with reference to a returns order directly and reduces a document and see them in the document flow.

    Krishna Chaitanya
    SAP FICO ECC & S4 Hana Certified Consultant

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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