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    I’m graduate and MBA finance with 10 years of experience in finance and accounting and 6 years of SAP end user experience. I’m planning to do SAP FI certification and start my career as a SAP consultant.

    Kindly advice whether my current earnings and experience ignored and treated as a fresher?

    Many thanks,

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    Cleo Isco

    Your experience will be highly beneficial for a career of SAP FI consultant because this role requires strong knowledge of finance and accounting. However, you definitely won’t be compared to people who have 16 years of SAP consulting experience. So, you will have a better standing than a fresh university graduate but still most likely to be considered for less senior SAP positions. I hope my answer helps!

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    Hi Cleo,

    What is your opinion about that I will expose now?

    Normally is “easy” to find experts in one SAP module. However, it is difficult to find people that knows about some modules and how they are interconnected between them.

    I am working as a SAP Manager and Administrator in my company, and due to its size, I am caring about all the processes involved: Material Master, MM, LE, WM, QM, PP, PM, and some FI and CO.

    ¿It is usual to find this kind of role? ¿How can I improve my skills in SAP?

    I do also some ABAP coding, and of course SPRO Customizing. The point is: Is it better to get Super Specialized in just one SAP Module? Or it is also good to have this kind of versatile profile.

    My education is mainly Computer Sciences Bs. and Information Tech. MSc. combined with an MBA.

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    Cleo Isco


    I think that it is super cool to be an expert in all SAP modules but unfortunately it is really difficult due to the vast scope of functions offered by SAP ERP. Usually, people specialize in certain areas that can cross several modules. For example, financial accounting + management accounting (FI + CO) or sales + procurements (SD + MM) or procurement + quality management (MM + QM).

    Good functional consultants usually also know some ABAP. I doesn’t mean that they write code themselves but it helps them to create good functional specifications and efficiently communicate with ABAP developers.

    As to you question about the choice between becoming super-specialized vs. generalist consultant, I think the answer depends on your career objectives. If you would like to become a project manager, then you probably don’t need specialized knowledge of a specific module but will rather benefit from general knowledge of all modules. On the other hand, if you would like to develop yourself in the direction of becoming an expert consultant, then you will probably need to focus on 1-3 modules that are closely related to each other (e.g., MM + QM + PP).

    I hope it helps!

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