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    Greetings!!! Hope you are doing well.

    I have been seen your website, and i found it very good and detailed information, first of all i want to say you that i am not from Software Development or SAP etc related software background. I am from Windows Servers and Networking side, but i really want to come in that field like .net developer and want to learn software engineering and specially to learn SAP modules from scratch, kindly advise me as i am 30th and have done BSc in Computer Science in year 2012. I really want to transition from Networking side to Software Engineering and Development side and will remain in that industry forever, please advise is it already late or i can do that as i am in UAE. And kindly advise from where to start i will be ok with what you will suggest me, coz may be in future i will move to Malaysia and will get training if you will suggest me as well. I really wanted to enter to get training and working in SAP modules which are important for SAP ERP and SAP S4 HANA. Please guide me step by step from where to start, i will be waiting for your generous response. only then i will purchase your SAP for beginners course as well.

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    Cleo Isco

    Hi, taking into account your background, I would suggest you to consider the career path of technical SAP consultants (if you really want to join SAP field).

    Since you have experience as a software developer, it will be relatively easy to learn SAP ABAP programming for you because the skill of coding is more or less universal across different programming languages and environments. ABAP programmers work on extending the standard functionality SAP and customizing it to the requirements of a particular enterprise.

    Another option that is close to your background is to learn SAP BASIS. SAP BASIS consultants deal with technical administration of SAP environments and your experience with servers and networking could be beneficial here.

    I guess the next steps for you are 1) read about ABAP and BASIS and decide what you are most interested in, 2) decide if you are ready to work on entry level SAP jobs with low pay (since your previous 5 years of experience probably will not count).

    I hope it helps!

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    Rupanjan Nayak

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interested in SAP MM and SAP FI module.

    1. Kindly please tell me the full FEE required for doing this coursed along with certification.

    2. Please also mention and duration of the courses.
    3. Will i able to get access to any SAP online servers?

    Please inform me.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Cleo Isco

    Can you please tell me which courses you are asking about (provide links to their pages)?

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    Carlos BM

    Good aftersoon sir,

    I’m following you free online training course SAP FOR BEGINNERS. It is being very interesting and useful for me, but I would like a more extensive chapter about QM INSPECTION CHARACTERISTIC. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.



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    Arusi Kumari

    SAP Basis is a complex software, and for those looking to become experts in the field, there are a few different ways to learn. For those just starting out, there are many tutorials and websites and best SAP Basis training center are there , that can help to get a good basic understanding of the software. Ultimately, the best place to learn SAP Basis depends on the individual’s goals and level of knowledge.
    In my opinion choosing a best training center will be the best option instead learning through a website or any tutorial , and what if the same training center will also guarantee you the 100% placement but finding the best institutions is a major concern.

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