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    We created several work order types to categorize outage, predictive maintenance, outside contract type work orders. My IT is telling me that I have to use IW 31 and select W.O. type I want and create work order. I want to create a notification first and then create work order off of notification for various categories. Can you help me how i can create notifications first for 20 different W.O.’s?

    Appreciate for your help.


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    Edward T


    You can create the notification with Tcode IW21.
    Then you can assign notification and to the order.


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    Arusi kumari

    SAP PM Notification is a feature used for creating and managing company notifications in the Plant Maintenance area. Predefined notification types, such as PM 11-53 and PM 71-73, are available for use depending on the site and staff creating them .
    Configuration is required to ensure proper processing of notifications, which involves defining notification types and linking them to relevant objects .
    With SAP PM Notification, maintenance and operations staff can easily keep track of issues and incidents that require attention, ensuring efficient and timely resolution of problems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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