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    ​Hi, We are using settlement management and we want to redetermine pricing date for a accrual condition type only at the billing document creation date. Can we create routine in pricing procedure at this condition type level to read pricing date = billing doc creation date only for this condition type? There is a control at condition type level, but even that does not work. It only works when we change the pricing date of billing document while creating it manually but then it changes for all condition types which we don’t, we only want to accrual condition type. Our scenario is sales order is created last month and at that time, rebate agreement or condition contract does not exist. If the billing is done next month and during that period rebate agreement or condition contract is created, and billing is created after creation of condition contract or rebate agreement it should apply accruals at the billing document level. But system copies what it has in the sales order due to copying control G copy pricing elements unchanged and redetermine taxes and we don’t want to change it. It’s just for this particular condition type in pricing procedure. Hope this helps. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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