Settlement of the Finish Goods Of a MTO Assembly Order


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    Hi appreciate if someone can help to clarify the following doubts on the area of MTO order finish goods settlement for a MTO assembly order, the situation is as follows:

    We have a BOM which is as follows:

    FERT – MTO-FERT2 (strategy 82)
    ROH – MTO-ROH1 (strategy 40)

    when goods issuance for material MTO-ROH1 & MTO-ROH2 is done onto the production order, checking the material issuance menu option we can see the material document for both item having a value, however when we perform the final settlement of the finish product settlement to finish goods (MIGO mvt 101) the material document does not carry any financial postings and value, is this normal or abnormal for a MTO process.

    Appreciate if someone could help to shed some light on this issue.




    Check account assignment settings for KE and 040 and other settings, if assignment is correct accounting docs will be generated.

    Ayush Bhardwaj

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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