Transaction Codes for plant maintenance notifications

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    Hi, I am relatively new to the SAP world and therefore probably don’t even know what questions to ask.
    However, looking for the TCodes that would allow me to see SAP Catalogues, Code Groups and codes for things like Object parts, Damage, Cause etc to be used in PM Notifications for repair.
    Can someone please point me to these Tcodes?

    Edward T


    Please find below common Tcode in Plant Maintenance:

    IA07 Display General Task List
    IA03 Display Equipment Task List
    IA13 Display Functional Location Task List
    IR03 Display Work Centre
    KO88 Settle Order (Single)
    IW32 Change Work Order
    IW31 Create Work Order
    IW33 Display Work Order
    IW38 Work Order List Editing – Change
    IW39 Work Order List Editing – Display
    IW40 Work Order List Editing – Display Multi Level
    ME21 Create Purchase Order (pre R4.6)
    ME21N Create Purchase Order (R4.6 onwards)
    IP41 Create Single Cycle Plan (R4 onwards)
    IE02 Change Equipment
    IE01 Create Equipment
    IE03 Display Equipment
    IE05 Equipment List Editing – Change
    IE08 Equipment List Editing – Display
    IW42 Overall Completion Confirmation
    IW26 Create Notification
    QS42 Display Catalog
    ML81 Create Service Entry Sheet
    MM03 Display Material
    CS03 Display Material BOM
    IW13 Material Where Used List
    IW66 Change Notification List of Tasks
    IW67 Display Notification List of Tasks
    IW22 Change Notification
    IW23 Display Notification
    IH01 Display Functional Location Structure
    MB11 Goods Movement
    MB31 Goods Receipt
    IW8W Goods Receipt for Refurbishment (R4 onwards)
    IP02 Change Maintenance Plan
    IP03 Display Maintenance Plan
    IP10 Schedule Maintenance Plan
    IP30 Deadline Monitoring
    IP11 Change Maintenance Strategy
    IP12 Display Maintenance Strategy
    IP19 Maintenance Scheduling Overview Graphic
    IP24 Maintenance Scheduling Overview List
    IW28 Notification List Editing – Change
    IW29 Notification List Editing – Display
    IW30 Notification List Editing – Display Multi Level
    IW64 Change Notification List of Activities
    IW65 Display Notification List of Activities
    IW68 Change Notification List of Items
    IW69 Display Notification List of Items
    IQ03 Display Serial Numbers
    IW24 Create Notification
    IP42 Create Strategy Maintenance Plan (from R4 onwards)
    IW25 Create Notification
    IL02 Change Functional Location
    IL01 Create Functional Location
    IL03 Display Functional Location
    IL05 Functional Location List Editing – Change
    IL06 Functional Location List Editing – Display
    IW41 Time Confirmation – Indvidual Entry
    IW48 Time Confirmation – Collective Entry with Selection
    IW44 Time Confirmation – Collective Entry no Selection
    IA11 Create Functional LocationTask Lists
    IA12 Change Functional Location Task List
    IL02 Change Functional Location
    IA05 Create General Task List
    IA06 Change General Task List
    IA01 Create Equpment Task List
    IA02 Change Equipment Task List
    IE03 Display Equipment
    IR01 Create Work Centre
    IR02 Change Work Centre
    CA85 Replace Work Centre
    IP13 Strategy Package Sequence
    IP14 Strategy Package Sequence
    IP04 Create Maintenance Item
    IP05 Change Maintenance Item
    IP06 Display Maintenance Item
    IP17 Maintenance Item List Editing – Change
    IP18 Maintenance Item List Editing – Display
    IP02 Change Maintenance Plan
    IP03 Display Maintenance Plan
    IP15 Maintenance Plan List Editing – Change
    IP16 Maintenance Plan List Editing – Display
    IK11 Create Measurement Documents
    IK12 Change Measurement Documents
    IK13 Display Measurement Documents
    IK22 Measurement Documents List Editing – Create
    IK21 Measurement Documents List Editing – Create
    IK22 Measurement Documents List Editing – Create
    IK18 Measurement Documents List Editing – Change
    IK17 Measurement Documents List Editing – Display
    IK41 Measurement Documents List Editing – Display Archive
    IQ01 Create Serial Numbers
    IQ02 Change Serial numbers
    IQ04 Serial Numbers List Editing – Create
    IQ08 Serial Numbers List Editing – Change
    IQ09 Serial Numbers List Editing – Display
    IK01 Create Measurment Point
    IK02 Change Measurement Point
    Ik03 Display Measurement Point
    IK08 Measurement Point List Editing – Change
    Ik07 Measurement Point List Editing – Display
    CL02 Create / Change Class
    CT04 Create / Change Characteristics

    You could also find Tcode related to Plant Maintenance from SAP Menu
    SAP Menu > Logistics > Plant Maintenance


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