Writing a functional specification document

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    Prerequisite Tasks:
    1) Check with your finance team if they are planning to have a separate document type for TradeShift posting. This is always preferred for cleaner reporting. If new document type is confirmed, then create that document type.
    2) Identify the GL accounts for expense line (PO invoice cost) and for Tax line postings.
    3) Identify Taxware user exit. You can find all function module related to tax calculation in External system under the function group FYTX.
    Process Flow
    1) Trade Shift Invoice flow into SAP ECC
    a. Invoice document created in SAP with appropriate document type.
    b. Invoice amount before tax is posted as expense item in appropriate GL account
    c. Tax amount posted in appropriate TAX GL account.
    2) Enhancement using Tax user exit.
    a. You can find all function module related to tax calculation in External system under the function group FYTX. Some reference : SPRO under = Financial Accting Global Settings > Tax on Sales/Purchases > Basic = Settings > External Tax Calculation > Develop Enhancements for External = Tax Calculation that allows for more “special” taxation situations… =
    b. This can be achieved by setting a value 0 to the field VBAK-TAXK1 inside the exit USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK.
    i. You will need to engage your ABAP team to find the relevant user exit in your ECC version and do this change.
    c. The condition for user exit can be on documents type use are using above for TradeShift, you will need your P2P team to review this and provide any other condition if they feel that’s more relevant.
    3) With above condition in place, taxware calls will not be made.
    4) Reporting
    a. Tax report in ECC will show that tax is not calculated for these invoices and will show exempt.
    b. We will have to test this end to end and see if any adjustments are needed on ECC tax reports side.
    c. Tax department will have to also pull report from TradeShift for TradeShift POs.
    d. We can build an exception report out of ECC for the trade shift document types and provide to Tax department for cross reference.
    e. Overall GL report should balance as the total amount showing in tradeshift and ECC payables will be same.

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    Edward T


    As reference you could see this link SAP Functional Specification
    Usually in every project you should have approved document template that you will use to creating your FS Documents.
    Then start to move your requirement summary and logic to this document. The specification should be clear enough for your development team to understand your requirement and expected result.


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