SAP HCM Certification Syllabus

SAP HR Certification SyllabusDuring the preparation for SAP HCM Certification it is important to distribute your time between different SAP HCM competency areas according to their importance in SAP HCM Certification. Therefore, you should study according to the SAP HCM Certification Syllabus.

For you convenience we have prepared SAP HCM Certification Syllabus adapted from, which illustrates the the competency areas covered in this test. The percentage in the Importance column indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area.

Topic Importance Description Courses
Organizational Management Configuration > 12% Configure the master data elements required for Organizational Management HR505 or THR12
Personnel Administration Configuration > 12% Identify and configure the data elements used for Personnel Administration HR305 or THR10
Time and Attendance Management Configuration > 12% Identify and configure the data elements used for Time and Attendance Management HR306 or THR10
Organizational Management 8% – 12% Perform work activities around Organizational Management HR505 or THR12
Personnel Master Data 8% – 12% Configure master data elements including: personnel actions, wage types, infotype characteristics HR305 or THR10
Reporting and Analytics 8% – 12% Describe how to create infosets and build queries to support business decisions in HR HR580 or THR12
SAP HCM Business Processes 8% – 12% Describe the business processes associated with HCM and their integration with other SAP applications SAPHR + HR305 + HR940 + HR505 or THR10 + THR12
Time and Attendance Management 8% – 12% Explain the business processes for Time and Attendance Management HR306 or THR10
Personnel Administration 8% – 12% Describe the types of personnel information which can be maintained SAPHR + HR305 + HR110 + HR940 + SAP129 + SM001E or THR10

It is advisable to bookmark this SAP HCM Certification Syllabus or print it out. This will ensure the possibility of easy referencing to in. Please also note the column Courses. It gives you a direct reference to the official SAP courses that discuss various certification topics in detail. The primary way to attain is so called SAP Partner Academia (courses THR10 and THR12), which is a two-weeks training course. During this course you will learn SAP HCM from scratch. The academy usually takes place from 9am to 5pm. As alternative to the academy course, there are shorter individual courses that provide the same knowledge. They usually take between 2 and 5 days to complete. The SAP Partner Academia is basically a bundle of these shorter courses.

Make sure that you study hard before SAP Certification. To be sure in success you should go through all the topics listed in SAP HCM Certification syllabus 3-5 times. Good luck with your exam!

P.S. Would you like to test your knowledge of SAP HCM module before certification? Try sample SAP HCM questions.

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