Now Available A Remote Order Entry Solution for SAP Business One

IndyDutchIndyDutch Solutions, an SAP Business One consulting and software development organization, has officially announced the release of b1Desktop, a Remote Order Entry Solution for SAP Business One, which can now be seen at Instead of placing orders through traditional methods-phone, fax, or email, b1Desktop provides the ability for customers to submit orders straight from b1Desktop into SAP Business One, saving customers and sales teams time and improving order accuracy.

b1Desktop is designed with a sleek, user-friendly interface, which allows customers to easily navigate real-time order status, transaction history, and product pricing & availability directly from their desktop. In addition to submitting orders and checking account information, customers are able to send inquiries straight from their b1Desktop application to their account manager. b1Desktop provides practical value through its integration with SAP Business One and is able to be fully implemented in just one week.

b1Desktop: On the Road
With b1Desktop, sales reps are able to enter orders that synchronize into SAP Business One while visiting customers or attending trade shows. Rather than hand-written sales orders which do not guarantee product availability or up to date pricing, b1Desktop projects accuracy, efficiency, and real-time information while sales reps are on the road.

b1Desktop: Secure Account Login
Through a personalized and secure login, customers are able to view their full account history including Order Status, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos, Payments, and Past Inquiries. Customers are able to directly address their questions and comments through the integrated customer inquiry feature which is submitted straight from b1Desktop to their account manager.

b1Desktop: Expedited Order Entry
Accuracy and efficiency are crucial to a company’s overall quality of customer service. With b1Desktop, SAP Business One users provide their customers the ability to submit orders which synchronize into SAP Business One, eliminating order discrepancies and significantly reducing the company’s use of paper.

IndyDutch Solutions improves and expedites small business processes by specializing in software consulting and software development for SAP Business One. The IndyDutch Solutions team has been working with SAP Business One since the time SAP Business One was launched. IndyDutch specializes in SAP Business One implementation and optimization, offers several SAP Business One Add-on solutions, and is well-known for their honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering value in the SAP Business One customer community.


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