How to Pass SAP ABAP Certification: Yap’s Tips

How to Pass SAP ABAP CertificationYap S. (full name is not provided due to privacy considerations) is from Puchong, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). We would like to thank Yap for finding time to write a brief post about his experience during preparation and writing SAP ABAP certification. In this post, he will share his success story of how to pass SAP ABAP certification exam.

Have you also passed SAP certification for ABAP or other modules? Then, please share with others your experience. It is very easy for you to write a brief blog post but this information will be a great help for those who are just preparing for the certification.

About The Certification Center

Location: Puchong, Malaysia

Name of the center: SOTA (website)

About the center: My exam was conducted in SOTA training centre which situated in front of the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower, The room is big enough for around 20 people and around 11 people were taking the examination. Only one instructor was in the room. SOTA training center is an official certification venue of SAP Education.

About The Certification

Code of the certification: C_TAW12_71

Name of the certification: SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.02

Format of the certification: Theoretical and practical question were asked in the test but mostly the target was on theory. In this case, study of the book and material is much more important than your own real life SAP experience. A total of 80 question were given and there was no negative marking. Three hours were needed to complete all the questions and the final score is based on the percentage of correct answers. The passing mark is 60%.

During the certification: Well, it was indeed stressful and tricky I would say. The certification questions are not that difficult to answer but bear in mind that sometimes you need to study topics for a few times in order to have a clear picture on what the question asks and what needs to be answered. Otherwise, you will be miss out a lot of questions.

How he prepared: I have spent two month for preparing for this exam which included one month of full time study and one month of half time study as I still have project with me. I have read the books (which are TAW10 and TAW12) for 6 times before entering the exam. I had my own notes so that I could fully understand all the concepts in the books. And always remember do not go with SAP ABAP certification when doing a pass year and just learning up the concepts.

Result: He passed the certification.

Other notes: The most current pool of question contained at least 8-10 Web Dynpro questions which were not that important in the past few years. A deep understanding of Web Dynpro is needed to score points for this section. Besides that dynamic programming is another section which cannot be neglected. Around 5-6 question are there and they are more focused on practical aspects like how to use reference to a type and downcast to a field symbol. SQL upgrade and the statement strategy is another section which is hard for a beginner like me. Much time should be allocated to these questions because you need to analyze the question slowly in order to get the full answer. If you worry about the time constraints, you can place a flag, continue with other questions, and return to that question later. You should study hard and focus on the TAW10 and TAW12 books. You should understand very well the concepts explained in these books.

I hope that my explanation about how to pass SAP ABAP certification is helpful to you all! 🙂

More Information

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