SAP PM Certification Syllabus (EAM)

SAP PM Certification SyllabusSAP certification for PM module is officially called EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) certification by SAP. Don’t be confused as these are the same tests. During the preparation for SAP PM certification it is important to distribute your time between different SAP PM competency areas according to their importance in SAP PM certification. Therefore, you should study according to the SAP PM certification syllabus (or in other words, SAP EAM certification syllabus).

For you convenience we have prepared SAP PM certification syllabus adapted from, which illustrates the the competency areas covered in this test. The percentage in the Importance column indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area.

Topic Importance Description Courses
Customization of Technical Objects > 12% Configure functional locations. Configure equipment. Configure BOM and assembly. Configure serial number management. PLM305
Customization of Maintenance Processing > 12% Configure notifications, orders, scheduling (possible 3rd party interface), execution (mobility), historic feedback, completion, planning (MM and purchasing integration). PLM315
Customization of Preventive Maintenance > 12% Configure Maintenance Plans, Items, Strategies, Task Lists, Measurement Points, etc. Configure Time-based Preventive Maintenance settings. Configure Performance-based Preventive Maintenance settings. Configure multi-counters. Configure support functions. PLM310
Preventive Maintenance Business Processes 8% – 12% Create functional specifications for preventive maintenance. Define roles and authorizations. Describe the organizational structure components of the preventive maintenance business process. PLM310
Customization of Organizational Units 8% – 12% Configure planning plants. Configure maintenance plants. Configure work centers. Configure maintenance planner groups. PLM315
Maintenance Processing Business Processes 8% – 12% Create functional specifications for maintenance processing. Define roles and authorizations. Describe the organizational structure components of the maintenance processing business process. PLM300
Management of Technical Objects < 8% Maintain equipment master data. Maintain BOMs. Maintain classification settings. PLM305
Configuration of Refurbishment < 8% Configure equipment, material, serial numbers, purchasing. Configure notification and work order integration with PS WBS, networks, activities, budgets for overhaul. PLM300
Configuration of Analysis and Reporting < 8% Configure standard list edits. Execute standard reports used in maintenance processing. Execute standard reports used in preventive maintenance processing. PLM318
SAP Project Team Collaboration < 8% Work with SAP project teams and solution manager. SM001

It is advisable to bookmark this SAP EAM certification syllabus or print it out. This will ensure the possibility of easy referencing to in. Please also note the column Courses. It gives you a direct reference to the official SAP courses that discuss various certification topics in detail. SAP PM certification syllabus is split between multiple official SAP courses that you need to take in order to be ready for the exam. During these course you will learn SAP PM from scratch. The courses usually take between 2 and 5 days to complete.

Make sure that you study hard before SAP Certification. To be sure in success you should go through all the topics listed in SAP PM Certification syllabus 3-5 times. Good luck with your exam!

P.S. Would you like to test your knowledge of SAP PM module before certification? Try sample SAP PM questions.

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