SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

What is SAP Implementation? An SAP implementation is a large scale, multi-month (or year) project that requires a “methodology” to help organizations successfully execute an SAP implementation and maximize the use of SAP’s functionality after go-live. The implementation of an SAP Project covers the following phases: Phase 1: Project Preparation Phase 2: Business Blueprint Phase … Continue reading “SAP Implementation”

What is SAP Certification? And Why Should You Care?

What is SAP certification?

Before we go any further, first thing that needs to be said: Only actual SAP experience is a valid qualification for SAP jobs. You can look at it in terms of graphic artists. People are more impressed by beautiful portfolio than by art degree. Okay, so what is SAP certification and why should you care? … Continue reading “What is SAP Certification? And Why Should You Care?”

Benefits of being a SAP BI Consultant (Business Intelligence)

SAP BI Consultant benefits

This post is published on behalf of Kameswari Akella who works as SAP BI consultant at one of the Big 4 consulting companies. A SAP BI Consultant job is not very dry or boring. A SAP BI Consultant may be under a lot of stress but the final satisfaction is huge. A SAP BI Consultant will receive … Continue reading “Benefits of being a SAP BI Consultant (Business Intelligence)”

Technology Behind SAP Certification

Technology Behind SAP Certification

Have you ever wondered what is the technology behind SAP certification? I mean what kind of software is used to deliver the exam?  Where are the databases with questions and answers are located? How a certification at SAP location is technically different from a certification at SAP partner location? What are the technologies to prevent … Continue reading “Technology Behind SAP Certification”

Value of SAP Certification – A Company’s Perspective

Value of SAP Certification

We have already written earlier about the value of SAP certification for SAP professionals. In this article we would like to have a look at the value of SAP certification from an employer’s point of view. The main questions that companies ask with regard to getting their employers certified are: Why should we get certified? and Why … Continue reading “Value of SAP Certification – A Company’s Perspective”