SAP SD Questions (vol. 2)

21. Which of the following are true regarding business warehouse?

  1. Business warehouse contains a staging engine and a databases
  2. Business warehouse can only get data from SAP R3
  3. Business warehouse store not only master data and transaction data but also meta data
  4. Business warehouse display reports only in MS Excel format
  5. Info cubes, info objects and Queries are part of the business content of business warehouse

22. Which of the following statements are true regarding the Early Warning System?

  1. Exceptions can be used to help detect and rectify potential problems at an early stage.
  2. It can only be used with SIS in order to analyse sales specific data.
  3. The Early Warning System is based on the key figures of the Logistics Information System (LIS)
  4. It allows you to make decision-oriented selections and to check strong areas in Logistics, by enabling you to search for exceptional situations.

23. Which of the following statements are true regarding updating?

  1. Examples of SD data that updates info structures include: orders, returns, deliveries, and credit memos.
  2. Currency amounts are always updated in the statistics currency which is assigned to the sales organization.
  3. Update group 0000001 is used by documents that have negative values.
  4. Synchronous or asynchronous updating can be used; however, it is recommended to use synchronous.
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