SAP Message Server and Dispatcher

SAP Message Server and DispatcherIn this SAP BASIS tutorial, we will talk about SAP Message Server and SAP Dispatcher. You will learn about their functions of running SAP systems.

SAP Message Server

SAP Message Server (MS) handles communication between distributed dispatchers in SAP ABAP system. This process is configured only once for each SAP system. It is one of the vital services in SAP for SAP startup.

SAP Message Server
SAP Message Server

SAP Dispatcher

SAP Dispatcher is necessary to process SAP requests from end user via SAP front ends. SAP application server has a dispatcher process, which gather and collect the requests from end users. Next, it will forward them to work processes for execution.

SAP Dispatcher separately executes individuals work process function in SAP applications such as Dialog, Update, Background work process and Spool work process.

These are the following types of SAP work process:

  • Dialog (DIA): For executing foreground and dialog programs.
  • Update (UPD): For async (asynchronous) database updates.
  • Background (batch) (BGD): For executing batch or background jobs.
  • Enqueue (ENQ): For executing lock operations.
  • Spool (SPO): For executing printing formatting or output management.
SAP Dispatcher
SAP Dispatcher

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