SAP ABAP and JAVA Stacks

SAP ABAP and JAVA StacksIn this SAP BASIS tutorial, we will discuss stacks of SAP systems. You will learn about three types of application stacks that are used in SAP software. SAP system is divided into three different types according to which stack it uses. The explanation about these stacks is below.

ABAP SAP System (ABAP Stacks)

A complete infrastructure, in which ABAP-based applications can be developed and used. ABAP system develop using ABAP programming language.

Example: SAP ERP.

Java SAP System (Java Stack)

A complete infrastructure for running J2EE applications.

Example: SAP Enterprise Portal.

ABAP and Java SAP System (Dual Stack)

Offers both ABAP and JAVA technologies in one system or database but with two different database schema.

Example: SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

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