How to become a SAP BI Consultant (Business Intelligence)

How to become a SAP BI Consultant?This post is published on behalf of Kameswari Akella who works as SAP BI consultant at one of the Big 4 consulting companies.

SAP BI consultant is a very demanding career option. SAP BI careers are in demand worldwide.

How to become a SAP BI Consultant?

The most common question is “How can I start my career as SAP BI Consultant in this competitive world?” There is no single answer to this question. There are multiple ways to become a SAP BI Consultant. However, the easiest way to become a SAP BI Consultant is to join a consulting firm right after graduation. Companies do not expect prior SAP BI knowledge from you and they would train you on SAP BI, if you are a campus recruit. However, as this role is usually reserved for technical profiles, a bachelors/master’s degree in computer science related courses may help. If you are an ABAP resource, it will be easier for you to learn SAP BI and become a SAP BI Consultant. Proficiency in ABAP language is a plus for a SAP BI Consultant. SAP BI training or learning SAP BI on your own is another way that would help you to get the skills needed to become a SAP BI Consultant. Finishing the SAP BI certification will also add value to your resume and increase your chances of getting hired by companies. While following a BI training course or preparing for BI certification, it also necessary to get hands on experience with real SAP systems. You can do it by using our service of SAP remote access. With this service you can remotely access our SAP servers through the internet and do practice exercises.

While most of the SAP BI openings in job sites are for experienced SAP BI Consultants, many companies do hire junior level consultants for SAP BI implementation/support projects. The only thing they expect from you is a good understanding of SAP BI. Learn as much as you can about SAP BI. Good SAP BI knowledge is the key to unlock the world of SAP BI opportunities. The first job that you get may not offer you a lucrative salary and benefits. But, take this as a learning opportunity and increase your SAP BI skills. Remember, it is all about getting that first entry level job in SAP BI. Once you get that, the experience that you gain will make you eligible to apply for better positions.

If you have trouble landing that first job, look to further strengthen your hands-on SAP BI skills and try again. If you are persevering and enthusiastic, it is not difficult to find the end of the dark tunnel and the bright sunlight!

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  1. Hi Hello from Dubai.Very helpful hopefully i will land my first job soon.I have gone through the rigour of certification in BI and now am certified.hopefully i will get a junior consultant job

    1. Hi!

      Congratulations for passing SAP BI certification! I think that in Dubai job market for SAP consultants is good so you will not be looking for a job for too long. Anyway, good luck with job hunting and thank you for your nice words about this article!


  2. may i know how many openings will allocate to BI consultant in Top companies for ex- FICO, ABAP there will be more openings so,what abt this BI consultant

    1. Yes, there are more openings for FI, SD, etc, but at the same time there are more candidates for these positions. So, the competition is actually stronger.

      Big data and business analytics is a hot area now and, I think, it will continue to grow. I recently read about a study that indicated a shortage of data scientists and professionals who can work with the big data. For this reason, I think that being SAP BI consultant is not a bad job.


  3. Hi,

    I’m a finance student (master’s degree) and, I’m certified in SAP ERP/CRM application associate. However, I’ll like to learn SAP BI… But, I’ll like to know if it’s ideal for me to invest my time & money in SAP BI given my academic backgroung? Or should I go for SAP FICO? I chose the aforementioned certifications for diversification and (IT) interset purposes.

    Thank you in advance for your kind responce to this comment!

    1. Hi,

      Your academic background is definitely better suited for SAP FI/CO. I think you should think about what kind of work you like more. If you become an SAP BI consultant, it would be a job with a lot of data analysis, numbers crunching, and even programming. On the other hand, SAP FI/CO consultants are more focused on a proper integration of SAP system into the business landscape of a company. SAP FI/CO consultants spend a lot of time on communication with the employees of the company and understanding its business processes. They use less technical skills and rarely do any hardcore programming. In terms of salary, BI and FI/CO consultants are more or less equal.

      Hope it was helpful,

  4. Hello
    please give me a suggestion. I am completed MCA in 2012
    after that completed SAP BI training. But no opening for SAP BI.Please help me what i will do ?

  5. HI,Hello i completed course on sap bi and every one suggesting me to go for bo course also.can you pleas give me right idea about sap bi,bo course and jobs as well

  6. Hi,

    What Certification does one need to do for getting into Business Analytics Career in SAP. Iam havind sales and Business Development for 8 + years.

  7. Hi I’m very much into the sap bi certification but I have no experience or background for it and I would love to get started on the journey to becoming an sap bi consultant. Do you have any advice.

  8. Hi I would like to know what course or certification should I go for? I have done MBA and was working as Business Development Assistant and Customer Service Manager. I would be grateful if you can guide me to the right direction.
    Thanks you.

  9. Hello,

    I would like to know if I can get jobs in SAP BI or in the field in which I have experience in.I have around 5+ years of experience in which 3+ years have worked as a consultant. I have experience on MM,PP,FICO and SD.
    I am very keen to work in Germany. My fiance is there in Germany studying.

    Please help.
    If I get through it is going to be my dream come true.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hello,
    I graduated Bachelor degree in IT as well as Master degree in business administration (MBA). I am thinking about SAP BI and SAP FICO. So I would like get your advice for which is more suitable to me? And regarding the answer, how are the opportunities in Vietnam ?

    Thank you in advance

  11. Hi,I am from science background ..completed by btech biotech and have one year exp as business analyst
    Now I really wanna do sap certification either in fico or bi. But I really confused to choose in terms of career growth and placement and also ..have absolute no knowledge of will I survive after learn either course..? Which one you recommend for a Sci back ground student like me?

    1. Hi Sowmya .mmone of cousin is working in SAP BW , GO with SAP is good !!

      Did u start going for the coaching , if yes please let me know the best institute for SAP also planning to go

  12. I am completed my in MCA 2013 and wants to work in SAP Industry.Please Let me Know which module is better for me. I am waiting.

  13. HI, SIR


  14. Hi Cleo
    Currently I am working as a Qlikview BI Developer in a reputed bank for compliance team. I want to become a BI Consultant. Do you think its idle for me to pursue SAP BI certification? Also is it the same as SAP HANA? I am from Computer Science Background with coding knowledge. Your advise would be great help.
    Thank You

  15. Hi

    I am a fresher being graduated in civil engineering.But I have joined HCL through a consultancy as a tech support engineer. I would like to take up a career in SAP BI. What would be your suggestion to learn to build a career in SAP BI.

  16. Hi Cleo,
    I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business administration and want to pursue my career in Sap. However, I am not able to decide what field in Sap would suit me better as I have more Business management experience rather than the programming and technical side.

    Thank you

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