Importance Of SAP Certification And Training

sap-training-importanceSAP certification and training is the highest regarded IT training. SAP certified consultants are the highest paid IT consultants in the world. The training is offered as a post graduate training for IT professionals.

SAP offers a number of examinations under its three main certificates. The lowest of the certificate is the associates’ certificate. This is available for all IT graduates or practitioners. The professional examination is taken as advancement to the associates’ one. Currently, this is the highest certification that the firm offers. There are plans to offer masters’ certificate whose syllabus is currently being designed.

These trainings are offered in corroboration with various institutes across the world. The trainings are all short lived and take an average of ten days. However, the charges to get the training are extremely high and almost unaffordable to the majority of the world’s population.

Two decades ago, taking the training and thus being certified was a guarantee for one securing a highly paying job. This could be connected to the fact that only a few consultants were certified since the majority of the people were not willing to part with the high sums charged for the training. This has, however, changed with time as the number of certified consultants continues to surge. Those who are not certified accumulating a lot of knowledge through experience and, therefore, offering better services than those who hold the certificate has contributed to this change.

Up to date, most organizations consider it a necessity for their consultants to be certified. However, they use the consultants experience as a more determining Factor than the certificate. This denies those who hold the certificates but lack experience in the field job opportunities. The training is thus not a leeway to getting a job.

The view that sap certification acts as a way of landing a consultant a job position is being revised. Most employers are using a consultants experience to gauge their abilities. This is reducing the emphasis placed on SAP professional examinations.

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