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SAP Service Entry SheetThis tutorial is part of our SAP MM course and it talks about SAP Service Entry Sheet. We assume that you are familiar with purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipt, quality inspection for stock materials in SAP. If not, please check the tutorials that explain these topics. This tutorial will help you understand external services management, SAP service entry sheet, and differences between procurement of stock materials and services.

Business Scenario

For better understanding let us consider a business scenario of relocating your facility or office. Your organization had requested a third party or service provider to relocate your office from your current office. In this tutorial let us look at the following items:

  • Service master record and conditions
  • Purchase order for external services
  • Service entry sheet

SAP Service Master Record

SAP service master record is master data which aids in time reduction and error occurrence. To uniquely describe any external service, a service master record consists of the following information: service / activity number, service category, descriptive texts, base unit of measure, material / service group, and valuation class. We also have a separate tutorial on SAP Service Master.

Activity Number

When you procure a stock material, material number plays a vital role. It uniquely identifies a material to be procured and stocked in a warehouse. Similarly an activity number is used to uniquely identify an external service that is to be rendered. This activity number could be defined both internally and externally. To serve this purpose number ranges could be configured accordingly in customizing.

Service Category

Similar to material type functionality for materials, the service category is for services. This category helps to identify the types of services. The different types of services could be configured in customizing.

Material / Service Group

This field helps in grouping purposes, to group together material or services and then the same would be assigned to a material group.

Valuation Class

This field is the same field that is used in material master. Whenever a service is entered, this field aids in identifying the G/L accounts that are updated.

Let us create a service master record now for our business scenario of relocating office.

Follow the SAP easy access menu to create a service master record.

SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Materials Management -> Service Master -> Service -> Service Master

Transaction code: AC03

SAP Service Master Record
SAP Service Master Record

Transaction AC03 is a single screen transaction, which handles all creation, change and display of service master records.

The above picture with activity number 100322 is in display mode. This service master record was created and display mode is shown for explanation purpose.

Activity / Service number – 100322

Office relocation services – Service short text

007 / services – Material / Service group

SAP Service Conditions

External services from a service provider would be agreed upon certain price and for a certain period of time. These prices that are valid over a period can be maintained in SAP as service conditions. Some conditions which are agreed later or for any unplanned services could be maintained in purchasing document. We also have a separate tutorial on SAP Service Conditions.

SAP service master conditions can be maintained at the following levels:

  • Service level
  • Service, vendor and purchasing organization
  • Service, vendor, purchasing organization and plant
SAP Service Conditions
SAP Service Conditions

Service conditions are maintained for services, vendor, purchasing organization and plant for service/activity number 100322 – office relocation services.

SAP Purchase Order (PO) for External Services

For better understanding of service PO, let us compare stock PO and service PO. For material procurement, we would need material number and relevant data for each item. In contrast, for a service PO, only short text is required at the item level. The individual tasks / services are maintained at item detail level in the service specifications along with description, quantity, price and other required details.

Let us create a purchase order for office relocation services.

SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Create -> Vendor / Supplying Plant known

Transaction code: ME21N

SAP Service PO Creation
SAP Service PO Creation

As you could see in the above figure, item category for service PO is “D”. Item category D triggers the service functionality and helps us to create service specifications and value limits for unplanned services if any.

Account assignment category is “K” referencing a cost center to which postings should be made. Account assignment category “U” is allowed for a service PO as we might not be sure about it during PO creation.

Short text would need to be entered. Once short text is entered Material group details are pulled from the service master record.

In item detail under services tab, service / activity number, short text, quantity, and price have to be maintained. There is another pop up requesting cost center and G/L account which is a result of account assignment category “K”.

In item details there is Limits tab, which allows us to maintain overall limit for a purchase order or services. This limit fields are very helpful when unplanned services occur.

Purchase order 4500020824 is created on saving the PO screen with the above details.

Display Service PO
Display Service PO

SAP Service Entry Sheet

When the external service provider delivers the services, they intimate the organization that the work is completed. This actual work done or service provided will need to be entered into the system. SAP service entry sheet helps the organization to record the work actually done or the service provided by the external service provider.

SAP service entry sheet involves a two-steps process: SAP service entry sheet creation and service acceptance.

For better understanding, this two-steps process could be compared with a goods receipt against PO and quality inspection.

When a material is procured and would need to be stocked in warehouse, first a Goods Receipt (GR) against PO is made, and if quality inspection had been activated for that material, the stock could be moved to unrestricted use in the warehouse only after quality clearance.

So, goods receipt against PO is similar to SAP service entry sheet and quality clearance is similar to accepting a service entry.

SAP Service Entry Sheet Creation

Services that have been rendered are entered in an SAP service entry sheet with a reference to a service purchase order. We can classify services into two types:

  1. Planned services – These services could be copied into SAP service entry sheet from PO.
  2. Unplanned services – These services could be entered directly into SAP service entry sheet if any such services are provided. The cost incurred by the unplanned services should not exceed the limit set in the PO.

Once the service entry sheet is created, the next step is to accept the service entry sheet and the recorded services. The relevant financial and cost accounting postings are not done until a service entry sheet is accepted. Release procedure could also be maintained in SAP service entry sheets for accepting.

The transaction code for SAP service entry sheet is ML81N which is a single screen transaction that helps in creation, modification and display of a service entry sheet. Now, let us record the services rendered against the purchase order 4500020824. Follow the below SAP menu path to create a service entry sheet:

SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Materials Management -> Service Entry Sheet -> Maintain

Transaction code: ML81N

This will bring you to the below screen. Click on Other Purchase Order icon .

SAP Service Entry Sheet Screen – ML81N
SAP Service Entry Sheet Screen – ML81N
  1. Other Purchase order – This icon helps to select the other Purchase Order number and create a new SAP service entry sheet.
  2. Tree On/Off – This icon helps in document overview tree. This will help in overview screen on/off.
  3. Display / Change – As ML81N is a single screen transaction this icon helps in display or change of service entry sheet.
  4. Create entry sheet – This icon helps in SAP service entry sheet creation. This is for a new service entry.
  5. Copy entry sheet – Service details from other sheet could be copied and entered into the new sheet.
  6. Entry Sheet – This field displays the entry sheet number, which would be updated in the purchase order history tab.
  7. For Purchase Order – This field displays the reference PO number for which service entry sheet is being created.
  8. Acceptance – The traffic signal like red, yellow and green are displayed over here, which shows that either no acceptance, will be accepted or accepted.
  9. Short Text – Short text describes the services rendered against the purchase order.
  10. Service Number – Service number / activity number to be entered from the service master record.
  11. Short Text – Short text from the service master record would be populated.
  12. Quantity – Quantity of the services rendered.
  13. Gross price – Price of the service that was accepted by both parties.
  14. Service selection – Services entered in the PO could be copied into this service entry sheet by clicking this icon and selecting the required services.
  15. Services – If there are any additional services or unplanned services, those items could be entered / recorded in these items.

Scenario 1: Service Entry Creation by Entering Service / Activity Number

SAP Service Entry Sheet Creation Through Activity / Service Number
SAP Service Entry Sheet Creation Through Activity / Service Number

Scenario 2: Service Entry Creation Through Service Selection

Service Entry Sheet Creation Through Service Selection
Service Entry Sheet Creation Through Service Selection

Scenario 3: Accepting a Service Entry Sheet

Click on the release icon . The acceptance indicator would change to “will be accepted” as shown in the next image.

Accepting / Releasing a Service Entry Sheet
Accepting / Releasing a Service Entry Sheet

The accepted service entry sheet will be set to “will be accepted” acceptance indicator. This acceptance could be revoked with the help of icon.

Revoking / Cancelling Acceptance of a Service Entry Sheet
Revoking / Cancelling Acceptance of a Service Entry Sheet

Now save the SAP service entry sheet, the acceptance indicator would be changed to “Accepted”. The financial and cost entries would be posted.

Display of Accepted Service Entry Sheet
Display of Accepted Service Entry Sheet

Did you like this SAP MM tutorial? Have any questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. It’d be a big help for us, and hopefully it’s something we can address for you in improvement of our free SAP MM tutorials.

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  1. How can a quantity be corrected if it was entered invalidly? Can it be edited, or deleted for reentry?

    1. Yes, revoke and delete the line. Next create a new line with the altered quantity. Finally accept the SES and save. Done.

    2. If suppose some item will destroy at that time service. what happen and what are the documents are generated?

  2. How the credit memo scenario will come into picture with Services?
    As we follow 1. create Return PO
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    1. we want to create return PO for credit Memo. In ME21N.
      Then want to do MIGO.
      in Miro credit memo use for how much quantity for credit of goods.

    1. in ML81 manu by entring po number press enter.
      A display of Previously created SES is displayed. on manu bar you have a printer tab,you can print easily by using that tab.

    2. Execute ML81N and enter the PO number press enter.

      A display of Previously created (Service Entry Sheet) SES is displayed. on the menu bar you have a printer option, Print Using that tabq.

  3. Hi,
    In ML81n—I need to break up a service GR into more than one line so that it can be charged to more than one cost center. Please advise.

    1. Not possible. Because when we are doing PO time it’s asking purchasing group and category so that only one cost center will be accept.

  4. is there any way to automate the acceptance? we want to create the service entry sheet via CATS and CATSM, where the time was already approved. thus we do not need an additional acceptance. Any idea

  5. Hello,
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    Falta cláusula RAISING en interface
    Programa CL_SLD_ACCESSOR===============CP
    Include CL_SLD_ACCESSOR===============CM00Y
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    Tp.módulo (METHOD)
    Nombre módulo GET_ACCESS_DATA

  7. I have created SES and no. was generated.
    While deleting with reference no. of SES, message reflect that SES was not generated.
    Is it possible ?
    How can I delete it ?

  8. Wow it’s very useful to us already I know little bit of how to book service po now it’s very clear to me thank you

  9. very easy to read and simple straight forward explanation thank
    my question is
    i have released a SES correctly but the invoice posting has a functional area different from the one in the PO what could have happened and how do i correct this error.

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  13. Hi everyone!

    I have created an SES with zero “0” amount and saved it. Then I was unable to correct it using the Display/change icon. The SES has an error “please enter a quantity or Message no. SE319”. Then I deleted this SES and trying to create a new SES it still has an issue with the message “please enter a quantity”
    Anyone can help?
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    The total cost of the item is over the PO limit. How do I create a variant amount on the SES?

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