SAP BW Certification Experience

My SAP BW Certification Experience

SAP BW Certification Experience

I recently successfully completed my certification and I would like to share with you my SAP BW Certification Experience. I started my preparation 4 weeks before the exam and read SAP courses 305, 310, 315, 330, 340, 350 and 365 and nothing else. I strongly suggest not to read Catherine Rose book and read only SAP material for SAP BW Certification. These courses are sufficient to clear the exam. The only other stuff that you need to read other than this is on ASAP methodology. Again, you only get 4 questions on this, out of these you can answer 2 without reading this material. So, if you don’t have time, you can skip this completely.

You can expect a question from any corner of this material. For example, I got 3 easy questions on what is contained in “Metadata repository”. “Data modeling” and “Reporting” carry maximum share of the marks. In reporting, concentrate on the types of variables, calculated keyfigures, restricted key figures, restriction options you have in creating conditions and exceptions.

Here is some of the Info that I remembered from the exam:

  1. What are the contents of Metadata repository?
  2. What objects you see in Metadata repository? Only business content or all active objects?
  3. 4 questions on Authorizations. Read the specified topics in 365.
  4. 4 questions on ASAP methodology. read the above specified material and you should be good.
  5. 24 questions in BEx. Cell Editor, AdHoc query designer, currency conversion, structures etc. Some of them are very straight forward, some might be tricky. Read 305 and you should be good there. I guess this is the easiest part.
  6. Around 20 questions in Extractions. delta queues, initialization, testing in RSA3, activities that you can do from LBWE etc. They did not ask anything in LIS extraction although it is included in the syllabus. There were a few questions in CO-PA, like what is safety delta etc.
  7. A Few questions in data modeling, and about 15-20 questions in InfoObjects-InfoCubes.
  8. Can you build a multiProvider on an ODS and infoObject? Or, should there be atleast one InfoCube?
  9. Can you build InfoSet on one or more Infosets?

You will have 3 hours to finish SAP BW exam, which I think is much more than enough. I finished mine in 1:30 minutes. This is a real easy exam once you read all the courses specified above. I hope that my SAP BW Certification experience will help you to ace your exam!

Good luck

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