Scoring 89% on SAP SD Certification

Scoring 89% on SAP SD CertificationGeorge Fylaktos is from Athens, Attica (Greece). In this post he will share his experience of going through SAP SD certification exam.

Have you also passed SAP certification for SD or other modules? Then, please share with others your experience. It is very easy for you but it will be a great help for those who are just preparing for the certification.

About the certification center

Location: Athens, Greece

Name of the center: SAP Hellas (

About the center: The exam took place in a classroom for 30-40 people. Inside the classroom there were 5 people only away one from another. There was one instructor who was there during the whole exam.

About the certification

Code of the certification: C_TSCM62_65

Name of the certification: SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5

Format of the certification: The exam was about 80 questions in 3 hours. As I had studied hard it took me about 1-1:15 hours to finish the certification. All questions in doubt were left for the second time and I returned to them later. Overall, I passed the exam. The questions were multiple choice questions and there were more than one possible answers. The questions specified the number of the correct answers. If you could not specify all the correct answers you would not get any mark for the answer. The minimum requirement to pass the certification was 56%.

During the certification: I think that if you have studied hard and you have some hands on experience with SAP, there should be no problem with passing SAP SD certification. Just dedicate 1-1:30 hours to have a quick look at the questions and answer the ones you are sure about. All the other questions mark as to check later. Time should be enough if you follow this logic.

How he prepared: The preparation needs lot of time. I had some hands on experience is SAP SD module but there were several blank areas. The first step was to organize the study material in my head: Master Data, Transaction Data, etc. After this step I was able to identify all the material included in the certification. The next step was to study, in detail, SAP books (no external book can be really useful because no customizing guide can help you learn in depth). Just before the exam I bought a book with questions about the certification and practiced it as a review. That was all.

Result: He passed the exam with the score 89 percent.

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7 thoughts on “Scoring 89% on SAP SD Certification”

  1. I am in a dilemma whether to appear for C_TSCM62_64 OR C_TSCM62_65? Former one has 54% as passing and later 59%. For me important is to clear the exams and not the version. Please advise whether C_TSCM62_64 is difficult to clear or C_TSCM62_65 ? Thanks! //Kay

  2. You should go for the newest exam (C_TSCM62_66 if possible) because it will be valid for longer time. There is no difference between 64, 65, and 66 certifications. They simply correspond to different EHPs (Enhanced Service Packs) but there is no difference in terms of SD and the same books are provided by SAP for preparation. The passing percentage is different because it depends on the overall results of people who write a particular test. It is dynamic and changes over time. So, some time in the future it is possible that cut off score for C_TSCM62_64 will be higher than for C_TSCM62_65.

    Good luck with the certification!

  3. Hi Cleo Isco,

    I am from India and I am preparing for my SD certification as well. Could you provide me the name of the book you bought which contained questions about the certification.

    Awaiting your reply.


  4. hi i have a query if i do training from unauthorised training classes for SAP FICO. is that possible As fees is too much. please suggest

  5. Sir I completed my SAP FICO course with B Grade from
    G Tech. I need to want search jobs in sap FICO but I have no experiences in sap financial accounting and controlling. I have experience in Tally ERP 9, Wings and Hotsoft financial accounting softwares. Pls give to me a good suggestions.

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