We Got A Brand New Logo!

Hey there! As you may have noticed we got a brand new logo yesterday, which is super fancy by the way:) You can see it in the header of every our page and also in the footer. And just in case we also posted it here:

SAP Certification New Logo

The logo consists of a symbol, the name of our small company and our slogan. For the symbol we chose to use a square academic cap because its meaning is very close to the main topic of our website – training and education in SAP area. Then the name of our company goes, which is ERP Certifications. And finally, you can see our slogan: all answers in one place. Well, indeed, we have many answers to popular questions about SAP certification in one and conveniently organized place. Do not believe us? Just check our SAP Certification FAQ section then. With this new branding we hope to become a more easily recognizable entity in the area of SAP training and certification and distinguish ourselves from various low quality and SPAMmy website about SAP that replace a content with advertisements.

So what about you? Do you like the new logo? You have some comments or feedback? Let us know in the comments section below! We value your input.

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