My SAP MM Certification Experience

SAP MM Certification ExperienceI would like to share with everyone my SAP MM Certification experience. You might consider it useful to learn a couple of things before going to the exam. So, here are my experience and recommendations:

1) The examination questions are grouped together on topic-wise and evaluated accordingly. You can see at the beginning of the first book some plus marks against each topic. So don’t treat the questions as 57 right answers out of 80. For example from “solution manager” two or three questions will be there but it is a topic i.e. if you answer all the questions out of it you will get 100% in that topic. All the topics are evaluated separately and the overall is taken as the final result. Check with your tutor or someone for more awareness.

2) Decimal marks will be there and marks will be given proportionately for the questions you attend. No negative marks.

3) For single answer type, there will be only radio buttons so that you can select only one.

4) For multiple answer (where more than one answer is correct) type, against each statement (answer) there will be two buttons for true and false so that you can (have to) select one.

5) Read and be familiar with the books as much as possible. Group discussions will be very much useful.

6) Once you attend th exam, you will find it easier than you expected.

Prepare well, be relaxed, best of luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

Written by Carla Angela Ochangc, Nasar Dipak

5 thoughts on “My SAP MM Certification Experience”

  1. hi
    I am doing certification from atos Bangalore.course is getting tougher in the last week (mainly the config part)
    so a bit tensed .
    should we refer to dumps ?
    any tips for exam prepration ?

    1. Hi Jolsna,
      Hope you doing gud in the materials preparation, and on 1st time reading, it will take more time & little hard to complete by taking short own notes but from 2nd time onward it will be fine. And make sure that you have read all the materials at least twice since the technical words & important concepts would be necessary for interviews…

      After completing the materials like Procurement Part 1, Part 2 etc, just be prepared with exercises..

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