SAP Careers: Top 5 Places for Starting an SAP Career

SAP CareersSAP careers look like a good choice for many people who are looking for jobs in IT and Business areas. Moreover, as we wrote earlier, more and more employers (even those not related to SAP) are looking for candidates with SAP experience. In this post, we would like to present you our point of view on what are the top five companies / places for starting SAP careers.

Firstly, let us define what we mean by SAP careers. In the context of this post, we understand SAP careers as jobs and careers that are directly related to SAP software. For example, it could be careers of functional SAP consultants or technical SAP developers. On the other hand, we do not consider a career of an accountant who needs to work with SAP (enter data and use reports) as an SAP career because these kinds job should be referred to as finance careers rather than SAP careers.

Now, let us get started with our list of top five places for starting SAP careers.

#5: Your Local SAP Training Institute โ€“ The First Step towards SAP Careers for Many People

Website: SAP Training

We recommend you to try to skip this place for starting SAP career because it is always better to learn SAP while having an SAP job. Even, if it is unpaid internship. By the way, you can look here for SAP Jobs. Go for SAP Training only if you cannot find any SAP job or if you want to gain knowledge that cannot obtained at your job. For example, if you want to learn a new SAP technology and get a promotion at your current job to a better position. In this case, taking an SAP training course makes a lot of sense. If you are interested in SAP training, we recommend you to have a look at our SAP training portal (see link above) where SAP training institutes publish information about themselves.

#4: Infosys โ€“ The First Non-American Company that Succeed as an International SAP Consulting Firm


Infosys has made a great progress as an SAP consulting firm from the moment that it was founded. The company is based in India but has offices all around the world: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. They have managed to sign very good customers for their SAP consulting services. Moreover, their SAP expertise is continuously growing and strengthening. In addition, their current CEO invented SAP HANA โ€“ the most innovative SAP product at the moment. So, it is rather cool to work there ๐Ÿ™‚

#3: IBM โ€“ A Big Brand Name with SAP Consulting Department


Everybody knows IBM. It is a big company that always focused on the big enterprise customers and cutting edge business information technologies. Since almost all of the big corporations use SAP as their ERP systems, IBM opened SAP consulting practice so that they can help their old and new clients with SAP implementation and deployment of SAP software. IBM has a strong expertise in SAP-related services and it is nice to have such a big brand name on your SAP resume. So, it is a good idea to start SAP careers at IBM.

#2: Accenture โ€“ One of the Most Prominent SAP Consultancies


The second best place to start SAP careers according to our rating is Accenture. Accenture is an international IT and business consulting company that is based in the North America. They have a big SAP consulting practice and many good clients. It means that by starting there your SAP career you will be assigned to interesting and challenging SAP engagements where you will quickly acquire strong SAP expertise. This will enable you to develop many marketable skills and see strong interest from recruiters.

#1: SAP SE โ€“ The Best Place for Starting SAP Careers


Obviously, there is no better way to start SAP careers than getting a job directly in SAP SE (this is the name of the company that invented SAP and currently develops new versions of it). It may be not so easy to land a job at SAP but we believe that starting your career there is totally worth all the hard efforts.


We are happy to answer any questions about our rating of places to start SAP careers. Please post them in the comments section below. We wish you the very best luck with your career whether it is in SAP field or not! ๐Ÿ™‚

29 thoughts on “SAP Careers: Top 5 Places for Starting an SAP Career”

  1. hi,
    i have completed my engineering in 2014 and i am currently working as a SAP BW consultant in accenture . and i want to work with SAP SE , can you please guide me which all area do i need to focus to get into SAP SE.

    Thank you.

    1. SAP SE usually hires either very junior SAP consultants or SAP experts with a lot of experience. If you want to continue your SAP career in SAP SE, you should try to focus on learning new products and technologies that SAP introduces. Try to be an early adopter of these new technologies and it will increase your chances of getting SAP consultant job at SAP SE because they need people with knowledge of their cutting edge products who will teach their customers how to use and benefit from them.

  2. All the above suggested companies practice wage-dumping in the cheap labor countries, therefore make sure that you negotiate the highest possible entry level compensation possible and get it in writing. Likewise for any promised training.

    A special note to colleagues coming from the cheap-labor countries to work in the USA, Europe etc. Make sure you check what locals earn and demand at least that amount and benefits, too. Your costs there will not be less than the locals’ costs and living at lower standards than locals while away from home is unnecessary. SAP knowledge is in demand and you will be paid, but only if you demand it.

  3. I dont know anything about SAP however i am interested in doing a SAP certification that holds good in Canada. I am from accounting background (MBA ) with 5 plus years of accounting and finance experience. I wish to take up a ceetification provided by SAP authorised centre and also be placed by the training institute itself after completing the course. Please suggest.

  4. I’m an accounting graduate. I have no idea of sap. I’m interested in getting a sap job. I need get to myself accuinted with what sap is all about. I need a website to learn sap career free as a beginner

    Thank you

  5. Hi,i hav 2 years exp as HR generalist and im an MBA(HR) graduate passed out in 2008….im not working currently i would like start my career after doing SAP(HCM) certification….will it help me to get job in reputed organisation?pls suggest…

  6. I am a member of association of certified charted accountant (ACCA). I want to do sap should I excel in this field or not please advise me…

  7. Hi i am from mechanical field with 2 yrs exp in core. I wantt to make career in SAP,is it possible with mere 1 mnth training course with such a huge fees????

  8. Hi , Your website has lot of information and easy to understand.I got a good knowledge about Sap and I am happy with the detail information provided.
    I have one question ? I have worked on Sap Platform but I am finding difficult to get the job in same field. Can u suggest which Sap course shall I do to get job with Supply chain Management

  9. I m a fresh graduate (BS Commerce) in finance.I have not access money to invest in many certificates, please tell me about which SAP certificate you suggest to me for getting a better SAP job and duration also

  10. Hi, I’m komal
    I’m gonna complete my BCA graduation now sooo I wanna opt HR base .
    Sooo can u’ll say the procedures for this means can I do sap course in best institute n get jobs in banking sector nor mnc / software fields .

  11. Even with much hardship we complete SAP certification, many companies are asking the top % only from 10 ~ graduation , it should be in regular stream, no distance, no partime , no break-over, then why the hell the institutions are running for distance and partime. what is the attitude, if a candidate is able to complete his certificationin SAP in any module , what the employer is going to do with his, 10th 12th & graduation marks, the worst attitude in Indian such corporate families and seeking only engg. graduates, why are non engg graduates qualified to carryout the job.
    Similarly,SAP education center- if you hiring sap education , the sap center ensure that u are training only engg. graduates,what is the use of successfully completing the examination, and not getting a job, because on non-engg graduates. This is worst criteria being fixed by indian companies. Shame on non engineering students. I am posting this comment on behalf of all.

  12. I completed my b,tech in EC in 2015 batch and from there am working in IT – networking field. gone through ERP 360 site . i see it is very useful sites for SAP learning . i want to make career in SAP Domain please suggest me how to start and what kind of effort i should to give him,

    keval parsaniya
    +91 94294 56194

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