SAP Fresher Jobs: What to look for?

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In this post I wanted to discuss SAP Fresher Jobs. Finding an entry level job of an SAP consultant or analyst is always a hot topic for people who want to connect their career with SAP industry. In many cases securing a first SAP job is challenging. And while it is generally true not only for SAP industry, in some regions of the world SAP jobs market is very competitive. This is particularly the case in India, where the number of people who work in IT sector is traditionally high and, therefore, the competition is fierce. Most of the companies are looking for people with at least some experience in SAP and even more often the requirement is around of 3 years of hands-on experience with SAP implementation. So what type of companies hire people without SAP experience (so called ‘freshers’)? What could be a strategy of looking for SAP fresher jobs?

Companies That Offer SAP Fresher Jobs

You should definitely start your job hunting with large multinational companies and try to get in one of them. Why? Because this will steer your career path into the right direction. There are quite some multinational firms that work in SAP consulting area and usually employees of those companies are in charge of the most interesting and challenging SAP implementations, which give excellent work experience. Moreover, these companies offer good training and development opportunities for their employees. For example, they usually cover the costs of SAP training and certification (in SAP FI and other modules). Another important aspect of being an employee of a multinational SAP consulting firm is that you clearly see your career path: how many years you work at which position, when you will become a senior, and when you will become a manager. And finally the last but not the least important reason to apply for a job there is the fact that they do hire freshers. For a very simple reason, if a company is large and successful, it can afford itself to hire a fresher with good potential and let him or her to grow within the company. For sure, in the beginning this employee will not be profitable for the company, but after a couple of years the employee will become a professional and bring the company even more money than they initially invested in him or her. To give you some hints about large players in SAP world, here are some names:

Check out their websites for quality SAP fresher jobs. Good luck with your search!


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9 thoughts on “SAP Fresher Jobs: What to look for?”

  1. I would like to suggest at least for Indian scenario – do not try for SAP Certification as carrier change, here it will not help you at all. The freshers with SAP certificate is worthless, try not to get into this mindlessly (may be it is good for SAP exp person) – a victim

  2. I have I year exp in working of SAP ISU FICA,but now want to go for certification and into a proper hiring MNC..any suggestions or recomendation please…..
    thank you in advance

    1. Hi Ishita,

      I would suggest to wait with SAP certification and try to get SAP job first. Then, do the certification. It would be the ideal scenario.


  3. Thank you very much for this great article. I thought I was the only beginner trying to get a first chance out there !

  4. hey i need help…..i done MBA Finance in year 2014..then i get a training on SAP FI/CO but i am not a certified coz certified course fee is to high for me n my family so done from somewhere…and i am still fresher cant get a call from any SAP related jobs….and all company’s they want only certified n xp….what should i do now i am still hope i will get a call from SAP related job…suggest me what should i do.

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