SAP Resume Tips

SAP Resume Tips

SAP Resume Tips

Writing a resume that is presentable and more elaborate can increase your chances of acquiring a good SAP job. Here are some of the important tips that you need to use so as to write a good resume.

· Have an objective
By this I mean write a resume that its objective is goal oriented. If the purpose of your resume is to secure an SAP job then make it simpler and straight to the point.

· Arrange your data
Make sure that you properly arrange your information starting from the important one down to the least important.

· Attention grabbing
Let your resume be attention grabbing, use words, phrases and headings that will capture the attention of the reader thus making it more interesting to read.

· Be professional
Be careful in your choice of words. Avoid jokes and adding unnecessary information. Use professionalism in your choice of words and be short and precise.

· Countercheck your work
Always go through your work and make corrections where possible.

This article was contributed by Eric W who is the president at Checkmate Marketing Group.

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  1. Please help me out to make a good resume.My qualification and experience is as follows:
    1.SAP PP consultant.
    2. Domain experience of 7.5 years.

    Should i send my resume for reference

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