SAP FICO Fresher Jobs – Myth or Reality?

SAP FICO Fresher JobsMany people who have domain experience are wondering how to find SAP FICO fresher jobs? Most companies want to hire experienced SAP experienced consultants. But then, if no one gives a chance to a fresher to get a job, how it is possible to get experience in SAP FICO? Meaning that people with only domain experience are likely to remain where we they are… However, the situation is not hopeless and in this post we would like to share some advice for finding SAP FICO fresher jobs.

SAP FICO Fresher Jobs

First, we would like to share experience of one SAP FI/CO consultant who also had to start as a fresher one day. He was in same situation where he only had domain experience and passed SAP FI certification. However, he managed to find a job in one of the MNC. He said that some time these companies have openings for freshers too. His advice is that you just need to keep trying, because SAP FI/CO is ever demanding module.

Another his advice is that you should try to land a job as an SAP end user in any company where SAP is implemented. This experience will be beneficial and will differentiate you from other candidates at time of the job interview. The last, but not the least is that with this kind of job you will be in touch with SAP screen and become familiar with the system.

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for SAP FICO Fresher Jobs

Indeed, there are opportunities for SAP jobs all over the place. You just need to keep your eyes open. However, you should avoid three big mistakes that SAP FICO freshers often make:

1. They do not prepare for the job interview well enough. Please remember that if you perform badly during your interview, there are other 1000 candidates for that SAP job. Interviews for SAP FICO fresher jobs are different from interviews for other jobs, because the position is highly competitive. So be geared up with your basics. Read SAP FI questions that may be asked at interviews and check as many threads on SAP FI/CO forums as possible.

2. They do consider a salary package as one of the main criteria when looking for SAP FICO fresher jobs. Or even when looking for SAP end user roles. You should not be very much concentrated on money issue as you get to learn a lot on such a job and grow in the right direction, without manipulation from your employer.

3. They do not apply for SAP jobs that require some experience, because they think they are not good enough for them. Come on! You are not going to be sued or punished if apply for a job, which requires 1-3 years of experience. If an employer do not think you are experienced enough, your resume will simply be ignored. Not a big deal. You should apply for all SAP FI/CO jobs that come your way and participate in as many job interview as you can – personal, telephone, etc. Do not think that you are a fresher when it comes to jobs applications.

Here is some more inspiring insides from a person who also desperately looked for SAP FICO fresher jobs:

“After I passed my SAP FI Certification, I went through more than 30 FICO groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and connected with unknown but knowledgeable FICO people on LinkedIn and kept asking them questions about interviews, openings, and their experiences as freshers. I worked for a Pharma company as an SAP end user for free for 3 months and gave more than 20 interviews from various SAP consulting companies during that period. My end user experiences became good stories to share during the interviews. Now I am well placed in SAP with just 6 months into it and connected to a pool of talent on and off SDN. And lastly, I did not have any domain experience. I was a complete fresher.”

With this, I would like to conclude this post and wish you all the best with your career! Keep your eyes open 🙂

103 thoughts on “SAP FICO Fresher Jobs – Myth or Reality?”

  1. Iam a graduate and Icwa(Inter). Pursuing for my final exams. Its been almost 6 years since I graduated from my college and 5 years since I quit my Bank (back-end) job. I am very passionate about starting my career in Accounting. Could friends like you suggest me some course in SAP. Iam totally new and unaware of this thing. Would be grateful if someone could enlighten me with some certification courses. I am currently living in USA. Is it advisable to go back to India and study for the same or can we do the course here?

    Thank you…

    1. Hi Madhu,

      Thanks for your question! Here is the link to online SAP course that covers accounting topics in SAP: After this course you can get certified as SAP FI consultant. You might find this article to be interesting as well: It is better to get trained and certified in USA.

      SAP Certification Team


        PLS NOW WHAT MAY I DO ?????????

      2. sir, is it mandatory to do SAP fico under certified institute to get ajob ??
        if i hv done dat course from not certified institute, what salary shld i expect ????

      1. I am MBA in Finance in 2011,after that i have joined with Accounts job in Non SAP for 1yr,then i have learned SAP FICO in best way with no certification .So i want to take suggestion from you what will be next step for me to do ?

          1. Actually I Have recently completed SAP FICO training in last month.I am now only practicing SAP.

          2. I would then suggest to wait with SAP FI certification and focus on finding an entry level job for SAP FI analyst. After 1-2 years or earlier, if your employer sponsor it, you can write SAP FI certification.


  2. Very good post.I made my BI certification exam in April this year.Still looking out for fresher opening.Working as a web application developer (php)with my domain experience.I still believe some day will get a company out there to employ me either as A sap consultant fresher or end user.Will never give up.Thanks for the post.

      1. Hi Cleo This is Jordan, I want to pursue a career in SAP i have completed my BCom don’t know what to do now Please Suggest.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Kiran, I have completed my and having 7 years exp in finance in BPO company. would like to do SAP in FICO, is this correct step at this time, where I have 7 years exp. If I do SAP will i be consider as Fresher or exp in filed of SAP for getting job and also want to know what would salary.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi Kiran,

      I think that you can move to SAP field, and considering your background in finance, SAP FI/CO will be the best fit. However, I am not sure if getting SAP FI/CO fresher jobs would be a good career move for you. The reason why I think so is because in SAP field you will have to start your career almost from the scratch. Probably, you can get better salary by staying in finance field because you already have very good experience there (7 years). I don’t know where you are located but in Europe entry level SAP FI/CO job will pay you around 30-50K EUR per year (before taxes).


    2. Have you completed to FICO certification and planning to do so. I have same problem as yours. MBA and 7 years of experience in BPO industry. Wanted to change the line but once the certification is done, will i be treated as a fresher. That is my worry and concern. Please advise Kiran, Mithra and cleo.

      1. Hi

        Yes you are correct once you have completed your certification you will be treated as fresher. It is irrelevent of your past exp.

        Vishal Arora
        SAP FI Consultant

        1. hi i am a CA with 5 years of experience. I wanna pursue SAP COURSE. Will this be helpful to me now to find a suitable job. I am already earning 15 lakhs now

  4. Hi i am going to do SAP FICO in training institute. They will give only training with one implementation without certification. Kindly advice shall i learn this training and is this value and ì will get job if i trained in other institute. Last, certificate is necessary to get job or only knowledge and implementation of SAPFICO is enough to get job. Pls advice.

    1. Hi Mikel,

      If you learn something about SAP from a training course, it is always valuable. SAP certification is not necessary for getting SAP FICO jobs. Your experience with and knowledge of SAP FICO are the main factors. Still, SAP certification could be useful when you need to compete for SAP FICO jobs with other candidates that have similar experience as you do. In this case SAP certification could be a small advantage that helps you to “win” SAP FICO position from other candidates.


    2. Thank u so much,

      I am unaware about job vacancy in sap fico field. Is there more vacancy available in chennai and wat is starting salary for freshers

  5. Hi,
    My name is Amarnath, I have completed my B.E in Electronics and communication stream and having 4 years of exp as a Mainframe Developer,Currently I’m Jobless and searching for Job. Now I would like to do SAP BI or FICO or BASIS , So please suggest which one I have to choose and why? And if I do any one of the above module I will be treated as Fresher or exp?

    Thanks Advance and it will be great helpful if you explain in detail.

  6. Hi,

    I am in a very confused state and any help from your end would be greatly appreciated. I have completed my BBM and had got certified globally (SAP FICO) in June 2012, I did not find a job in SAP so had worked in Amazon and have now quit my job, I am still unable to find a job in SAP. Please help me.

  7. I have 7+ years of experience in BPO Industry and performing a role of Assistant Manager.(Qualification – B.Com and MBA Finance)

    I am interested in SAP FI and have done my certification on SAP FI on 14th Dec 2012.I am looking out for jobs and applying for all jobs in SAP FI profile in Chennai, but not sucessful so far.I have just attended two interviews out of many applied.My profile is either ignored or not selected for some or other reasons – not known.

    Could anyone help me out for openings for any role in SAP FI to gain experience in SAP.

  8. Hi Friends,

    I have completed MBA & & Having 4 years of experience into Finance/Accounting in BPO Sector. I have joined for SAP FI/CO in Institute.So is there any possibility of applying for MNCS by 2-4 years of fake experince is there any possibilty of sustaining in the company Without having end to end knowledge. Appreciated if you can suggest me?

  9. Hi All,

    Myself Hareesh i have completed MBA and ICWA(inter) now m working in a manufacturing concern as SAP end user Now planning to become SAP FICO certified so, can anyone suggest
    me how is the growth of SAP FICO in present scenario.

  10. My name is vishal I am doing bcom I want to knw that if I do sap training it was best for me o not I have the knwlodge o 2years of how to do billing on sap an have a knowledge o telly erp9 please suggest me for my Career …..

  11. hello sir,
    I am staying in Delhi,India.I have passed my BCom in 2011 and also completed MA in mass communication in 2013.I want to do SAP FICO but now i am out of touch of accountancy so please tell the me topics from Accountacy that are used in FICO module.So that i can start preparing for that topics so that later it can help me.

  12. Iam a graduate. Its been almost 3 years since I graduated from my college. I am very passionate about starting my career in Accounting. Some friends like you suggest me some course in SAP. I am totally new and unaware of this thing. Would be grateful if someone could enlighten me with some certification courses in SAP.
    I want to do the course from Kolkata.
    Thank you…

  13. Hi, I am an MBA(IB)graduate, BA Economics,Maths. I have total 3.5 years experience in banking (back office) and financial services (customer service).I was looking to change my career from customer service and thought SAP FICO would be good but i do not have any domain experience. One institute recommended I do SAP that worth it?

  14. hi sir.i am studying degree bcom third year in distance i want to learn sap fico.and main my ambition will go to abroad on sap fico course.would you plz suggest me.
    thanq u sir

  15. Hi Cleo Sir,

    I am science (Maths) graduate ( and post graduate ( and i have 5 years experience in banking. I have done MBA (Marketing) too from a distance learning institute. Now i want to start my career in SAP. Could you please advice me which module will be help me to get a good job.

    Thanks & Regards,


  16. Iam a graduate 2014.I am very passionate about starting my career in Accounting. Some friends like you suggest me some course in SAP. I am totally new and unaware of this thing. Would be grateful if someone could enlighten me with some certification courses in SAP.
    I want to do the course from Hyderabad or Mumbai.

  17. Hi Cleo Sir,

    I passed M.Com and working as DPO in Govt. Office as a private employee. I am handling Accounts in Online Accounting Packages and I am perfect in this profession. But, I am not satisfy from this job, so that, I wanna learn SAP FICO, actually I wanna know how much time take for learning SAP FICO, if I give fully concentrate on this course.

    Hope, better response will be heard from you.


  18. hi, i am FI certified ….but dnt have domain experience and dnt have accounting background…i am basically electronics engineer………Shd i take some accounting courses? is it necessary ?n how i can get enter into SAP FI environment?:(

  19. Hello friends,
    I am from Pakistan and have 2 years of experience in sales and marketing. I dont consider my self to be a mmarketing person.I did my bsc hons degree in economics from LUMS. I want to start my career in SAP. could you please guide me which SAP module training should I go for and also about the scope and job opportunity of SAP.

  20. hi,
    two years back i done my finance) from pondicherry university. after that i done my m.phil and now currently working as in a college. i would like to work in top mnc company with good package. i would like to do sap certification courses. will anyone give proper details about the course like course duration, fee, syllabus, job opportunities, etc. and also suggest what kind of course will suit for the career.

  21. Hi,
    My name is Amol. I have completed my and having 2 years exp in finance in BPO company. would like to do SAP in FICO, is this correct step at this time. If I do SAP will i be consider as Fresher also want to know what would be my salary.

  22. I am an entrepreneur from past 13 years into finance industry..I would like to do SAP FICO..
    how well the industry will accept me and will I be considered as a fresher or will be called as experienced once completed the course.

  23. Hi … i had completed my SAP FI recently and i am searching for fends and some people suggesting me to take fake experiense certificate from consultancy…
    please advice me can i buy????
    once i hv fake experience get the job?

  24. Hi I am a MBA graduate carrying 14months experience in Account s payable.*Could you please suggest me how to start up carrier in SAP FICO.


  25. Hi Guys,
    Please if any one can help, I’m a Certified Public Accountant- Illinois move to Toronto and currently working in Accounting Field.
    I’m trying to learn more about FICO to add my marketability and get a better opportunity. I do not know if this is the right thing to do, so if you can advise I appreciate your help.
    I do not know how much the FICO exam certification will cost me and whether if will be good for me, all what I’m trying to do is that to get at least SAP learning on my resume so when I apply to jobs that require SAP knowledge. Already I took with my employer several SAP courses like:
    SAP End user, SAP dashboards, Crystal reports, ERP , Introduction to SAP
    Please can you advise?

  26. hi i’m working in retail industry, as an allocator. familier with SAP few codes. we using that. basically i’m with PGDM in finance. willing to work with finance related work. so should i go for which SAP module. and how fico can give me growth in my carrer, please advise…

    thanks in advance

  27. Dear All,

    I have completed MBA finance and presently working with a bank.I have 5years of experience in banking.I have taken training SAP FI/CO from a small institute.I am looking for SAP job.Do i require certification must?.

    How can i get a job,please advice me


  28. i am sap fi certified i am looking for sap fresher FICO jobs


    Abdul Khadeer


  29. Hi, I have completed my MBA in finance and 4 years of experience,currently working as an senior
    executive in fiance in oracle. I have done SAP fico module training recently from a normal institute. So please suggest me how should I prepare my resume.

  30. Hi all,

    i complited my graduation in 2012( and mba(finance)in 2014, as of now iam working in BPO sector, and iam not satisfying the payment. finally i decided to join SAP FI/CO module. so could you suggest me is it better option or need to do some other course?????

    Give me a better suggetion of these confusion.

    Anil reddy.n

  31. Hi,
    i have 4 years of experience in general ledger and accounts payable as the growth is very slow i am trying to get in to SAP profile. so i have done my sap fico from a local institute. so shall i try for the fico consultant job. if yes, please guide me.


  32. Hii sir,
    I’m a bcom graduate and have an sap end-user experience of two years. Please do suggest do my experience will be benefit for me if I learn Fico. And please do suggest do master’s is compulsory or bachelor degree is ok

  33. Hi Team,

    My self Naveen, I am commerce graduate with finance as my specialization. Currently i work for an BPO organisation as Business analyst and i have got 2.5 years of experience in accounts and sales operations domain. Had always to pursue SAP FICO and i am getting trained. Now planning to take up certifications. Kindly advice me what if my career after certification my fresher do i get job or land up in any trouble in finding job. Awaiting for the reply.


  34. Im mba in finance and have 5 yrs of experience in banking i would like to do sap fico certification.will it be beneficial to me.
    Please suggest

  35. HI sir actually i completed my B.COM in2010 but there is no any past experiance still i amstudying a chartered accountent intermediate .
    completed my sapfico .i am going to certification
    i considard as a fresher or experiance please tell me sir

  36. I completed my b com in 2014 n now by 2016 end i will complete my mba hr in jntu university and now i am taking a traning for fico in sap and i am fresher which part i should b capable to get into a good company any reply is accepted tq…

  37. Hi , i am doing MBA in finance after that i would like to go for SAP FICO .what is your opinion on these decision

  38. Dear All,
    There are lots of above scenarios are most identical for some of persons regarding the SAP career perspective. I am also a non-certified SAP FI candidate & having 3 years experienced in Financial investment sector. Being as an MBA finance candidate now my core competence area in SAP end-user level as I know with out real time SAP experience is impossible to get a job as an SAP consultant.

    So, Here I request to all of you to inform me that, is there any fruitful result if I choose SAP End-user profile for starting my SAP career..

    Thanks in advance.

  39. Hi,
    Kindly suggest.
    I am graduated in Economics and Insurance and MBA in Banking and Finance sponsored by my company. I have 5 years of work experience as Relationship Manager in Retail as well as Commercial Banking. I am looking to change my Industry either as Business Analyst or Functional Consultant. However I have absolutely no idea how to persue the same. Can you please suggest? I have as well heard about SAP certifications. Would you suggest me for the same ? If so then which certification? Also, I would be moving to USA in couple of months. Kindly suggest accordingly.


  40. heya!!
    i am sachin from delhi, i am in bcom final year & i want to do SAP fico is it best for me ? through this couse i got the job ? if yes then how many money shall i earned.? and In delhi which is beat institute for SAP fico ? or after this course can i apply abroad as a fresher ?

  41. Friends please help. I have done SAP FI for which I have been trying hard for a job. Can anyone answer my querries.
    1) can i apply for FICO jobs also as I have done only FI certification. Whether preference will be given to me or not.
    2) whether its necessary that combination of both FI + CO is necessary. Because there lot many openings for FICO rather than only FI.

  42. Hello Cleo,
    I am Mahesh A Bhat currently working in Axis bank as Assistant Manager ( Operations ). Ihave completed my MBA in Finance in 2016. Now I am planning to do SAP FICO course in one of the training institute in Bangalore. So my concern is will I be able to get job in MNCs after doing SAP FICO certification and what will be the salary ? Will I be able to move from banking sector to corporate ? Can you please give suggestions on this ?

  43. Hi guys,

    I am manjunath, with 6+ experience in account and finance, I done sap fico again I am planning to do SAP Fi Certification, will I able to get a job in SAP Fi Consultant, how much time it will take for to get a job.

  44. Sir i have completed my mba in finance and went for sap fico module. Currently working in an mnc in AR. will this experience count in finding an sap job. Iam looking forward to clear the Sap certification exam

      1. Hi cleo,

        This is Jordan, I have completed my Bcom and i have a work experience in Business Development as well as Sales and Marketing, wanted to know what is the best Sap career for me.

  45. Hi, now I’m working in non-IT side. I want to shift to the technical side. Before that, I need to earn 50 k per month, that’s the reason I would like to change my career field. I’m a B. Tech, C.S.E graduate, 2014 passed out. Let me know which course should I join in SAP for earning minimum 40 k per month. I hope I will get a response from you as early as possible.
    Thanks in advance,

  46. Hi, I am Meghana Mehta, I have done SAP FI Certification on October, 2015. I have completed my MBA in Finance. My overall experience is 5yrs in Finance & Accounts. I am SAP End User. But still i didn’t get any job regarding sap fi at fresher level. What should I do? Currently company hiring 4yrs experience candidate.

  47. Hello

    I am Himanshi from Delhi.I am a bcom graduate.Want to do sap FICO from Delhi itself and get placed also in Delhi. Please suggest from where I can learn this course .I really find hope in this course and I think this could be a turning point of my career.

    1. Hello Himanshi,
      well..Really nice of your attitude in making a career in SAP FI.
      Since, you are just a college graduate, you have take a regular class room training in SAP Authorized Centers, hope u can make it in Delhi.

      And, learning through better experienced FI Real time trainer, will benefit a lot.

  48. Hi, I am working for a backend of Investment bank and I am also an german language expert. I am having experience of 3 years in reconciliation. Should I go for SAP FI?

  49. Hi,

    This is Sai vinod, I have completed B.Com on 2013 and learned Tally ERP9 and working as a Junior Account from 3 years. Now i want to learn SAP FICO and get a good job. Can you suggest me a good Institute in Andhra Pradesh.

  50. Hi,

    I am a graduate and have a domain experience of more than 2 years in Vodafone.

    Now I am thinking to do SAP FICO Module from Institute ( Not a certified SAP Partner ). This is because I cannot leave my current job. I will also get a certificate after the completion of SAP Training. Please note I don’t have any experience in core finance.

    Can you suggest me a good Institute in Ahmedabad?

  51. hii
    am still job less but I did mba finance I have good knowledge on finance and account it is my core domain in theratically
    now am planned to move the sap fico learning in bengaluru if is suitable mba finance
    pls sugest me

  52. hiii sir,
    i m a bcom graduate yr f 2012. i hv only1yr experience in accounting.
    i hv done sap fico in a non certified institute. what r d chances to get a job ??///
    plz help me

  53. any body explain me without sap training certification possible or not because i have 4 year sap core team member experience.

  54. hi i completed my MBA finance in 2013 currently am working in govt dept as jr asst now i want to change my career & i am in confused what to choose whether SAp FICO or Finance related job in MNC
    pls let me know which will be helpful in career

  55. hello sir,
    i have completed my in 2014 and currently pursuing i have also done FI online training.also have 1 yr experience in accounts field.what should i do next??plz suggest

  56. Hi Cleo,

    I completed my post graduation and worked nearly for a year in Schneider Electric India, I do have knowledge of SAP FI-CO modules. I am currently residing in Norway and have been thinking of going on with the SAP FI certification.
    What are your views on this??
    Thanks in advance.

  57. Hai sir
    iam narasimha rao
    i completed .pass of year 2016. what may i do next ? plz sugested sir.

    thanaks sir

  58. hi sir am sandhya from india.residing at qualification is…I have 2 year experience in law yr experience in accounts fresher to can i get jobs in abroad related to sap fico field.

  59. hello sir,
    i have completed my in 2014 and in 2016 i have also one year experiance in tally erp and 1 yr experience in accounts field.what should i do next??plz suggest

  60. HI .

  61. Sir ,
    I just comleted my bachelor degree in commerce and I joined for SAP fico three month course in a project oriented training institution.
    I would like to know the it’s better or not? And also the scop of this

  62. Hi Cleo,

    I’m Jinesh from India and residing at Ahmedabad and in June’17 I’ve passed the SAP FI Consultant Certification and now I am looking for job into this domain with handsome package. Even I am ready to relocate to anywhere to learn and grow into this SAP domain. But I don’t how much time it will take more to get a job and request you to please give some tips on how to apply for jobs to get it faster. I have work experience of 4 years in Banking and Finance field but not in SAP domain.

    Waiting for your valuable response at the earliest possible.

  63. Hey Cleo,
    Actually I don’t know who you are but doing an precious things when people get you solutions out of 100% their dreams may satisfied with 90% because you know if they satisfied with full % that their is no struggle & failure in their life these two words will make us to stand in own leg anybody expect everyone parents ,So Final kindly suggested me which I Have 1 year experience in one of top Mnc BPO company & know I Have 1 year 4 month experience in Tamilnadu Top Most FMCG Company both a company Using Sap as Main User, So kindly suggested me which course may helfull to develop my carrier , Please suggested me munch valuable Accounting course in India.

  64. HI

    i am nilesh,last 7 yrs working in banking operation and currently i was done sap fico training,in local istitute,but no any one vacncy in sap fico frehser

  65. Hie Cleo,
    I am a student of CA final and law ( last year). I want ro start SAP FI/CO training. Please assist me in this regard.

  66. Hi Cleo,
    I am Srinivas from India I have completed MBA Finance and having 5 years work experience in BPO Accounting, now iam learning SAP FICO After completing the course how would I get entry level job for SAP FICO Could you please suggest me and guide me regarding SAP Certification.


  67. Hi Cleo,
    I’m rajteja from India I have completed MBA Finance and having 4 years work experience in tech support now i have finished my SAP FICO After completing the course how would I get entry level job for SAP FICO Could you please suggest me and guide me regarding SAP Certification.


  68. Hello
    I am looking for FICO training course. Here in this website I found FI and Co taking courses. Why they are separately mentioned . Can I go for those raining courses. Could you please help on this .
    Thanks and Regards

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